Communicating in today’s world of technology and science is not only our mission but also a lifelong passion. 

At Space Agency we build communication solutions for technological entities to connect not only with their customers, but also with general public and science world. Building on experience in the Space Sector and the academia, we are ideally equipped to understand the intricate relationships between business and science and the need to foster effective communication between these realms and the public.

SPACE AGENCY is built with people from the world of business and science. Their experience spans from public and media relations to copywriting, social media, graphic design and web design. Since 2016, we have worked with dozens of companies, universities, and scientific organizations in Poland and other countries in Europe.

When engaging with our clients, we consider ourselves a member of their team. We explore, consult, document, and develop our understanding of their key processes so we can build multi-dimensional communication solutions that meet their needs. When choosing to work with us, Our Partners can rest assured that they will not only work with top-tier professionals, but also people who are fully committed to their cause.




I am a specialist in the field of Communications, Public Relations, Marketing, and Social Media building solutions for the Technology and Space Sectors. With almost 20 years of experience, I provide a full-spectrum of consulting services for the Space Sector clients ranging from social media communications, public and media relations, marketing, and communication and social media training.

My experience includes design and delivery of courses in interpersonal communication, customer service, and relationship building. I lecture in postgraduate studies on "Internet Marketing", "Social Media & Content Marketing", and "Talent Management in Tech Companies" with focus on Social Media Communications. I also conduct training for companies and NGOs on developing communication strategies and building communities. I also regularly appear as an expert in the media. 

I build bridges between science and business, especially in the space sector. I support STEM students in their careers by finding them opportunities to collaborate with business, apply for research grants and build their own start-ups.

My professional pursuits are driven by my love for space, technology, and the future of our planet.

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WE ARE A MEMBER OF The Polish Space Industry Association




Maciej is as a great colleague and even better marketing specialist. Being smart, experienced and, above all, open-minded, he is a person I would never hesitate to refer to any company which looks for someone who could help them to reach for the sky


Head of Communications HHU University Dusseldorf

So where do we start with Maciek? Communications specialist? Tech pro? Cool guy? Space aficionado? All of it. Maciek is one of the kindest, funniest, most spontaneous people I've ever known. And he is even a better communicator and digital technology master. So, anyone who has the chance to work with him... grab it!

Spokeswoman at Polish Space Agency

I work with Maciek on space projects implemented by the Polish Space Agency. Together we promoted the Polish space sector at international space events. He is also an invaluable support in activities concerning the Polish mission to ISS and the Polish ESA Reserve Astronaut.
Maciek is a person I highly appreciate. For his knowledge of space, for his dedication to projects, his commitment and experience in communications, PR, marketing, and social media. On top of that, he is great in building realtions with people and he knows how to work with them.

Expert in Startup & Startup Culture

Maciek is an incredibly skilled PR and marketing professional with a deep understanding of the industry. His ability to develop and implement innovative strategies has significantly contributed to the success of our projects. Not only does he demonstrate an impressive level of expertise, but also a remarkable ability to adapt quickly to new challenges.
What truly sets Maciek apart is his strong communication skills and teamwork. Not only does he work effectively independently, but also actively contributes to fostering a positive and cooperative team atmosphere. His commitment to quality and excellence is reflected in every aspect of his work.


When I think of Maciej as a professional, I first see a lot of integrity and devotion to the cause. Maciej is a passionate worker and a sincere colleague. I enjoy and value his cut-to-the-chase approach. He is one of few people I met who can really put his tasks before internal politics, give preference to getting things done over discussing them unnecessarily. That said, I value Maciej as a talker and a colleague, who I can speak with honestly, a sincere person. To me, Maciej is a model performer, dedicated to the values he preaches, backed by his strong work and life ethics and relentless drive to deliver.

PR Consultant

I've been working with Maciek for over two years on various projects for space clients. It's always an immense pleasure to observe him discuss space. His knowledge and deep passion in this field is beyond comparison. Maciek is a very client-centric type of professional, always looking for solutions that will help brands reach their communication and business goals. On a personal note, he's a very kind, joyous and always a helpful soul. It's wonderful to have him on the team.

Planetary Geologist specialising in studying impact craters

Maciek's persona is an amazing mix of two important qualities: 1) being visibly passionate about "working in space", as well as 2) being extremely professional, both in terms of his knowledge about the sector and his efficiency at actually making things done. One of his qualities that I find most admirable and rare is that he is both very organised and able to apply change the plan whenever it is necessary. He is very easy-going and has an amazing no-drama attitude. Working with Maciej is a pleasure


I know Maciek since his work for the Marketing Section of AGH UST. He is one of the greatest enthusiasts of space I've ever met which translates into his passion for work in the space field and honesty in his marketing actions.
In his work he always remembers about people engaged in the project and helps them to find a way to promote their job and tell about it to the world (forever grateful for every single time he mentioned my research during interviews he gave ). I cannot recommend more - he is THE guy for all the space-related jobs!

Polish Space Agency Student Council

I had the opportunity to work with Maciej many times while implementing space-related student projects at AGH University of Krakow and beyond. Thanks to his efforts, marketing skills, and passion for promoting student achievements, the university has an excellent reputation in the Polish space sector. Maciej is highly committed to his work, active and constantly motivates others to act. He also remains one of the best speakers. What is impressive is not only his great enthusiasm but also his significant knowledge of the space industry itself


Bussines Development Manager in Space Sector

“Extraordinarily efficient” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Maciek. I’ve worked with Maciek in many different projects. Working with him was always a pleasure and I was always amazed by his performance and perseverance in going towards goal. Maciek is a great specialist in space area and he would be great asset to any team.